The Benefits of Deconstruction

“Deconstruction”: the word itself succinctly distinguishes the process from “demolition” by containing the word “construction.” With demolition, unwanted, hazardous materials are removed, the building is knocked down, and subsequently, crunched into useless landfill. Deconstruction, by contrast, is “unbuilding”: a building is taken apart, often in reverse order of its construction, to preserve the greatest amount of materials for re-purposing. Less energy is used, creating less pollution and engendering greater recycling potential at each step. Another building is sure to take shape—meaning future construction, recovery and rebirth, as much as green disassembly. Through deconstruction,…Read more

Platinum Performance, Green Building

The LEED 2009 Green Building Rating System, which provides performance standards to certify the built environment—whether commercial, institutional and high-rise residential buildings, public and private—seeks to insure healthy, affordable, and eco-friendly structures. Viridian Future is working to meet these criteria by building a uniquely livable, beautiful, green home. LEED outlines seven topics in its prerequisites and credits for new construction and major renovations: Sustainable Sites (SS) Water Efficiency (WE) Energy and Atmosphere (EA) Materials and Resources (MR) Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Innovation in Design (ID) Regional Priority (RP) With certifications awarded according to…Read more