New Construction

Single Family EcoLuxury Building:

GreenStreet has partnered with BluHomes ( to build single family EcoLuxury homes throughout the NYC Tri-State Region. GreenStreet is currently in the early stages of developing a community of these homes in Hurley, New York. Our collaboration with BluHomes allows for an easy and rewarding collaboration from start to finish. Our 40 week modern build process sets us apart from outdated, expensive traditional construction. While building components are being assembled in a weather-controlled setting, we are proceeding with sitework. This dual track process allows us to cut the time for the entire construction process by nearly half. We can also provide a fast track Design process that can be done in as little as 6 weeks.

Special features of these GreenStreet/BluHomes include:

  • Elegant High End Design
  • Custom Design Options
  • Extensive Warranty Package: 1 Year Site Warrantee; 3 year Module Warrantee; 5 year Structure Warrantee
  • Steel reinforced framing
  • Built to LEED Standards
  • Sustainably farmed hardwood floorings
  • Ecofriendly countertops
  • Low Flow bath and kitchen fixtures

MultiFamily EcoSmart Building

GreenStreet has partnered with both Capsys Corp of NYC and Simplex Industries of Scranton, PA to build and develop multifamily residences in the most cost and time effective methods currently available in the Region.

Capsys is a premier modular manufacturer located in NYC that specializes in non-combustible buildings. Capsys modular units are an efficient and cost effective way to construct almost any kind of residence including student housing, hotels, townhouses, apartment buildings, affordable housing, supportive housing, and assisted living facilities.

The Capsys process for translating your building project into a modular construction offers advantages over conventional construction methods. By fully adapting their overall process to the inherent requirements of the assembly-line production method, Capsys is able to employ an order and rigor with all their projects that would be difficult to achieve using traditional construction methods.

Simplex Industries is a modern, advanced, nationally recognized leader in modular construction. The management team at Simplex is among the most experienced in the industry. Simplex is among the largest employers in their region but remain a family owned firm. Simplex craftsmen are among the most skilled in our industry and many have been with the company almost since the founding of the firm over 4 decades ago. Simplex concentrates their efforts on building the highest possible quality modular structures. Simplex builds first homes and dream homes as well as architecturally significant homes and commercial buildings that range from dormitories to hotels, from professional office space to light industrial buildings.